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France declares state of emergency, closes borders after attacks
France has declared a state of emergency and closed its international borders on Friday evening, in the wake of the most deadly terror attack in the nation’s modern history.

French President Francois Hollande announced the unprecedented steps in remarks to the nation roughly two hours after reports first emerged of a string of deadly attacks that had killed dozens of people across Paris. He also called a midnight cabinet meeting, he said, to respond to the string of violence that has rocked the French capital.

“What the terrorists want is to make us afraid, to seize us with fear,” Hollande said.

“There is something to be afraid of, but faced with this fear, there’s a nation which defends itself and mobilizes itself and which will once again be able to overcome the terrorists.”

The nearly unheard of step of closing the country’s borders is necessary “to assure ourselves that no one can enter to commit any act, whatever that may be,” Hollande insisted.

The French leader also called for the military to come in to assist local police, and called for a state of emergency that may enact restrictions on travel and force some offices to close.

Hollande has also canceled his planned attendance to a Group of 20 nations meeting in Turkey beginning this weekend, according to multiple reports.

The announcements came after a string of violence that had killed dozens of people in what appeared to be a series of coordinated attacks across Paris.

The violence amounts to the deadliest attacks in France since World War II.

No one has yet to take responsibility for the attacks, and Hollande did not specifically point the finger at any group in particular.

Yet analysts watching the scene were quick to speculate that the perpetrators may be linked to the Islamic State in Iraq in Syria (ISIS), which has drawn more than 1,000 French people to the Middle East. Hundreds of those are believed to have returned to France, stoking alarm among the French public about the prospects for radical violence.

“We know where this is coming, who these terrorists are,” Hollande said, appearing to implicate Islamic extremists.


BREAKING: Police Arrest 81 THUGS In Overnight Raids
Chicago Police had a busy night conducting several raids in the most violent sections of the windy city.

81 people were arrested, mostly on drug and weapons related charges.
Twelve firearms were seized including a a “machine gun capable of firing 40 to 50 rounds in just a matter of seconds,” Anthony Riccio, chief of organized crime for Chicago police said
Of the 81 people arrested ,61 are previously convicted felons, 49 are documented gang members, 19 have previously been arrested on gun charges, 14 are currently on parole, and 65 have been previously identified by police to be at a higher risk to be a victim or offender of gun violence.
“There are repeat gun offenders that one, don’t care they’re on parole, two, don’t care about the fact they’re already previously convicted felons,”
Police are still looking for 40 people targeted in the raids, and said another raid in the coming weeks will have federal assistance.
We are almost double in gun arrests than we were the same time last year — that’s a ridiculous number.”
Drugs were also seized in the raids, which had been planned for several weeks.
“Narcotics and narcotic sales is the thing that allows the buying of guns,” Riccio said.
lawmakers at every level of government to help with stemming Chicago’s seemingly out of control gun violence.
“CPD can do better, our judicial system can do better, our state legislators can do better. It takes all of us,” he said. “If you’re OK every day sitting by watching these people die and that’s OK with you, then good luck on that. But if you care at all, you should be helping the city do something about this violence.”

help spread this important travel advisory as we should never support spirit cookers or states that sponsor terrorism…

Muslim Syrian Refugees Destroying Life In Greece, Britain, France, all of Europe! Children Killed

Trump Just Sent His First Bill to Congress and Democrats are FREAKING OUT
TRUMP IS FULFILLING HIS PROMISE TO PUT AMERICANS FIRST: After enacting several Executive Orders over his first few weeks, President Trump now has his first actual Bill before Congress.

Senator Tom Cotton and Senator David Perdue teamed up to bring Trump’s plan before the U.S. Senate. It’s called the “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment” act.

The RAISE act does EXACTLY what Trump promised to do during the campaign. It will CUT annual legal immigration by 40% and put Americans FIRST!

Currently, the U.S. brings in 1 million LEGAL immigrants per year and this would cut this nearly in HALF!

Mass immigration, both legal and illegal, has been CATASTROPHIC for American workers.

The number of jobless MEN aged 25-54 has been drastically increasing for nearly 60 years…This started about the EXACT same time the U.S. Congress increased our annual legal immigration levels from 400,000 to 1 Million per year.

IT’S SIMPLE SUPPLY AND DEMAND: The more foreign workers we bring in, the more Americans will be out of a job.

Democrats and even some Republicans are FREAKING OUT over the idea of cutting legal immigration because they have been drastically increasing it for 40 years. WATCH THIS SHOCKING VIDEO THEN SHARE ON FACEBOOK!

5 big issues where Sessions may have an immediate impact

The vote came after Democrats held the Senate floor for more than 24 hours hours speaking about their opposition to his confirmation. Video provided by Newsy Newslook

President Trump’s newly confirmed attorney general, like much about the current administration, has Americans divided.

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ critics have attacked him as a racist. His supporters reject that characterization saying he will enforce the laws without prejudice. But that debate is merely prologue now that the Alabama senator has been confirmed as America’s 84th attorney general. From here he will be judged by his actions as the country’s top law enforcement official.

Here are five issues where’s Sessions could have an immediate impact:


Trump won’t need to worry about having to coax his new attorney general into enforcing his immigration ban. Sessions has cited a “clear nexus between immigration and terrorism” and said an increase in the admission of Syrian refugees “places the safety and security of the American people at risk.” Sessions strongly favors the construction of a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and believes immigrants, whether here legally or not, “must be deported promptly upon their conviction for criminal offenses.” He has been a fierce opponent of any immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship. As attorney general, Sessions will lead the Trump administration charge against sanctuary cities.

Voting rights

Jeff Sessions voted for renewal of the Voting Rights Act in 2006, but during the debate over the bill, he expressed reservations about Section 5, which required federal oversight of election laws in nine Southern states to protect minority voters. In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to apply Section 5 only to those states. This means the Justice Department has more discretion in investigating voting rights cases. Civil rights advocates have expressed doubts that Sessions will make those cases a priority without that mandatory oversight. Sessions shares Trump’s fears of widespread voter fraud and is an advocate of voter ID laws, which critics say disproportionately disenfranchise minority voters.

Gay rights

Sessions called the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples had the right to marry “unconstitutional” and said he doesn’t know how it “will play out in the years to come,” but during his confirmation hearing, he agreed it was settled law. Sessions also opposed a 2003 Supreme Court decision striking down anti-sodomy laws, supported a Constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage, co-sponsored the First Amendment Defense Act protecting opponents of gay marriage from discrimination lawsuits and strongly opposed extending federal hate crime protections to homosexuals.

As attorney general Sessions will take over the Justice Department’s lawsuit against North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom bill” limiting protections for transgender people. Many expect Sessions to withdraw or revise the suit, which could impact whether the case goes before the Supreme Court.

Marijuana legalization

As a senator, Sessions was an outspoken critic of marijuana legalization, and that has the budding industry nervous. Eight states have legalized recreational marijuana, as has the District of Columbia, and 29 states allow its medical use. The industry could be worth $21 billion within three years. Sessions could bring all that to a halt because pot remains illegal at the federal level. Polls show most Americans favor legalization, and during the campaign, Trump said he would leave the issue up to the states. Will Sessions – who once joked he thought the KKK was OK until he “found out they smoked pot” – keep that commitment?” Time will tell, but he did offer a clue during his confirmation hearing when he said, “It is not the Attorney General’s job to decide what laws to enforce.


The Obama administration investigated several police departments across the U.S. for potential civil rights abuses in the wake of high-profile cases such as the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo., and the death of Freddie Gray while in Baltimore police custody. But under Sessions, who has said lawsuits against law enforcement agencies “undermine the respect for police officers,” the Justice Department is expected to take a much less aggressive approach to police reform.

A key test case will be Chicago — where Trump has threatened to “send in the feds” to stop the “carnage” — after a scathing Justice Department report cited the city’s police for widespread racial bias, excessive use of force, poor training and poor oversight of officers. The city was negotiating a consent decree that would require independent monitoring to certify it is taking agreed upon steps to solve problems within the department. But Sessions has been highly critical of such decrees, calling them “dangerous” and an “end-run around the democratic process.”

How much power will Betsy DeVos have?

As U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ rocky confirmation process drew to a close this week, opponents, including parents, teachers, unions and politicians, railed against her. Their calls to senators, one Hawaii lawmaker tweeted, made for the busiest three-day period in Capitol switchboard history. On Wednesday, one day after the U.S. Senate approved her appointment with a tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Mike Pence, even high school students walked out classes to rise up in protest.

But those Pittsburgh high school students, who descended on Sen. Pat Toomey’s office, could go years without feeling the effects of a Department of Education policy.

While her inexperience with public education set critics’ teeth on edge — DeVos and her family attended private schools, she has championed private-school vouchers and some critics warned that she’ll bring about nothing less than the downfall of the USA’s vast public education system — it’s unclear how much influence the U.S. Department of Education will have over how schools operate.

Now that she’s officially on the job, what should families expect?

The question is not so easy to answer.

Most of the day-to-day power — over curriculum, instruction, safety, teacher preparation and even much-maligned standardized tests — lies with states and local school districts. In fact, the legacy of the Obama administration may have been to shift even more power to states and school districts and away from the federal government.

And any plans by President Donald Trump to make big changes in schools would most likely need a helping of cash — and Congress’ approval.

On the campaign trail, Trump rarely talked about education except to criticize urban school districts. But in September he proposed handing taxpayer funds to families so they can send their kids to the public, magnet, charter or private school of their choice. He said the plan would benefit 11 million low-income children, who would receive about $12,000 apiece each year.

The proposed federal contribution? An eye-popping $20 billion, more than the department spends each year to educate low-income children.

“It is a big number,” said Nina Rees, a former deputy undersecretary under President George W. Bush who now serves as president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

The money, she said, would somehow have to come from a Republican-controlled Congress, which is in no mood to spend more on education. Even proposals to somehow channel the money through tax credits or federal savings accounts likely won’t fly with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is trying to simplify the USA’s tax code.

And Rees said her organization, which supports school choice, has made it clear it doesn’t want the money to come out of programs that serve poor and disabled students.

“If you have new money on the table, the discussions will be a little easier,” she said. But GOP lawmakers will probably settle for funding small school choice demonstration projects, such as the one that has operated for years in Washington, D.C., schools.

Joy Pullmann, managing editor of The Federalist, a right-leaning blog, has actually suggested that the worst thing DeVos and her boss could do is hand billions in federal voucher funds to private schools.

“If DeVos and Trump love school choice and the children it benefits, they will keep the federal government far, far away from them,” she wrote. The administration, she said, could potentially “destroy school choice in the name of expanding it” if some future administration sees handing over federal dollars as a way to make private schools agree to more federal regulations and testing requirements.

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News Video’s

President Trump

Within Week two President Trump is showing no sign of slowing down. He is working hard moving full steam ahead to Make America Great Again and drain the Washington D.C. swamp.

The Administration is working hard to accomplish campaign promises dealing with healthcare, the economy, government ethics, and more. One of the major items being tackled is improving our immigrant screening process

This is about keeping our country safe Part of this work is to address our inadequate immigration vetting procedures. To ensure American safety the President imposed a temporary travel ban on 7 countries known for training, harboring and export terrorism. One of the major projects being undertaken is improving the vetting process for those entering the United States. This travel ban is not about religion

There are over 40 majority Muslim countries worldwide that are not affected by this order. The White House will again be issuing visas to all countries once the Administration has reviewed and implemented the more secure policies over the next 90 days.

Nominating A Well Qualified Pick For The Supreme Court
President Trump has announced his nominee to fill the ninth seat of the Supreme Court. Judge Neil Gorsuch has built a nationally respected and distinguished judicial record and reputation. Gorsuch is a well qualified pick to uphold our Constitution and be a worthy successor to the late Justice Scalia, but don’t take our word for it.

Advocating for Lower Medical Costs & More Medical Jobs in the U.S.
President Trump met with pharmaceutical executives at the White House. US drug companies have produced extraordinary results for our country, but the pricing has been astronomical for our citizens. During the meeting, President Trump, focused on cutting regulations to encourage drug companies to bring back operations and jobs to The United States.

Putting Ethics Into Practice And Draining The Swamp
President Trump wasted no time creating an executive order that will make every appointee in every executive agency sign an ethics pledge. By signing this pledge, these people are not allowed to engage in lobbying activities within 5 years of leaving their post and are not allowed to accept any gifts from registered lobbyists or lobbying organization. The days of cashing in on your political network and influence are limited, and President Trump is starting this practice right in his own administration.

Reducing Regulations
Monday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that he said will “dramatically reduce federal regulations” on businesses. The President’s executive order mandates that for every new regulation implemented by federal agencies, two existing regulations must be cut. The goal is to end the damaging effects of over-regulation on our small businesses, our economy and our entrepreneurial spirit. President Trump wants all Americans to know that the American dream is back, and we’re going to create an environment for small business like we haven’t had in many, many decades

Supporting Our Troops
President Trump traveled to Dover Air Force Base on Wednesday to pay respects to a fallen hero, SEAL Team 6 member, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens. President Trump was honored to be there for the dignified transfer and give thanks for his sacrifice. Owens took part in a daring raid that the Administration resulted in valuable intelligence that will protect American lives. “What he did for this nation and what we got out of the mission I believe will save lives,” said Press Secretary Sean Spicer.